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We strive to innovate on traditional forms of outdoor advertising with cutting edge drone technology,
adding new dimensions to advertising and finding fun and creative ways to captivate an audience.

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About Us

Hoovy is a new, innovative drone advertising marketing platform that uses drones to drive brand awareness. Our mission is to make advertising fun and engaging! Hoovy provides the freedom of movement. Our drones can access many locations and consequently we harbor many double-takes, gawks, photos, and fingers being pointed when we fly. The element of movement makes Hoovy an interactive and engaging platform for brand exposure that captivates and interests onlookers. Hoovy works with each client's individual brand and image to come up with unique and engaging marketing agenda and set them free into the air. Hoovy is innovating Drone technology and advertising all at once. Our goal is to use innovative technology and creative thinking to best put your brand in an optimum position for success, in the sky.

Our Technology

After months of researching the commercial drone industry and the latest technological advances, our engineers have developed the ideal advertising drone, the Advatar. The Advatar is an efficient, GPS equipped octocopter drone, that carries a wind-resistant banner ad, moving freely through the air and allowing people to see it from a large radius. Hoovy can fly ads in a variety of locations, including beaches, parks, festivals, college campuses, streets and freeways. Any public location where there are people is a place where Hoovy can advertise!

Here at Hoovy, we are voraciously coming up with new and innovative ideas unique to your brand and image. We believe it is time for a change in the realm of traditional outdoor advertising! Our drone advertising platform uses the latest technological advances to allow our clients to advertise more efficiently, at a lower cost, and deliver more targeted messages than any alternative in the market.

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