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The Future of Commercial Drones Is Bright
May 12, 2015
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6 Places You Need to be Drone-vertising

Drones are becoming more and more mainstream as the FAA relaxes regulations and guidelines and more industries start to adopt the new innovative technology. Advertising and marketing is one of the industries looking to reap major benefits from the use of drone technology. Okay, you’ve got your drone and company banner, now what? Here’s a list of optimum places to get the most attention and retention from your drone advertisement.

#6. Beaches and Boardwalks


Sunshine, miles of open space and people, beaches and boardwalks are supreme places to advertise via drone. Don’t waste money on billboards that are useless during winter months. Drones give you the ability to advertise at times where you will see the most impact and effectiveness!

#5. Skyscrapers


Not many things are capable of going as high as skyscrapers and maneuvering around the concrete jungles found in metropolitan cities around the country. Drones are the first technology to access this kind of space. Skyscrapers can hold up to 100,000 people trying to decide on what to get for lunch everyday. Instead of relying on word of mouth, why not fly a banner for your cafe thats opening up down the street outside their office windows?

#4. Street Fairs


How do you compete with other businesses and organizations at street fairs and bring attention to your setup? Yep, you guessed it! Drones. It’s almost unfair the amount of attention drones would garner flying above a local street fair.

#3. A College Campus


Millennials make up $200 million in annual buying power and make up about a fourth of the entire American population, according to Forbes. This is a gigantic market that businesses are finding hard to reach through traditional methods. College campuses are the mecca of millennials and are a place where trends can get started. Flying your advertisement around a college campus is definitely not traditional and sure to increase brand awareness and exposure with anyone walking on the quad.

#2.  Music Festivals


Music mega-festivals have exploded across the country as younger people have shown more interest in live music. Destination festivals that last all weekend or run for multiple weekends like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo bring in hundred of thousands of people in attendance each year. The marketing opportunities that lie within music festivals goes without saying. You will likely never find this many people (millennials) in the same place at once anywhere else.

#1. Anywhere and Everywhere

Drones have the freedom of flight and movement so they are certainly not defined to the locations above! That’s the beauty of drone advertising. If you see an opportunity to fly, you can make it happen very quick and efficiently. The world is your advertising oyster when you are in the drone business.

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