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Pros and conns of Drone Tech
April 14, 2015
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It’s a Bird! No, it’s a Drone!

We are there ladies and gentlemen. Technology has reached the point where we are seeing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, zipping around the vast blue skies above us. It’s something straight out of the Jetson’s. Over the past few years, drone use has transitioned from hobbyists to military use, and now we are starting to see drone technology being applied to commercial purposes for profit. If you haven’t jumped on the drone bandwagon, prepare to be a minority in the future because the drone industry is going to be huge. According to Virginia-based Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the economic impact of drones is estimated at about $82 billion by 2025. So instead of resisting this innovative technology, embrace it because it’s time has come.

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Regulations Bring More Possibilities 
In recent weeks, the Federal Aviation Administration has proposed new guidelines regarding commercial drones in the United States. The use of drones to make a profit is currently prohibited by the FAA unless an exemption is granted. America lags behind other countries like Australia and Canada in terms of drone freedom. Right now, drones flown for profit must have a certified operator, the operator must maintain sight of the UAV, it cannot go above 500 feet or 100 mph, and in most cases cannot fly over people or at nighttime. The drone industry is confident that these regulations will be further relaxed in order to accommodate the drone delivery services that are actively trying to enter the market. For more information on current drone regulations click here.

Music and Entertainment Industries to See Impact of Drones
Drones are predicted to have an impact on many industries ranging from agriculture to home repair. Perhaps the most fascinating industries that will experience effects from the use of drones are the music and entertainment industries. We here at Hoovy are particularly excited about the immense opportunities for drones at large outdoor music events and festivals. Advertising drones (what we do best), drones streaming live footage, and even beer delivery drones are all services that have been used and will be seen in the upcoming festival seasons. But drones won’t just be quietly hovering above. Certain drones will offer the unique capability of actually being a part of the concert by creating light shows that will go along with the music. The music festival culture is one that is very open and embraces new technology in order to make the festival experience more enjoyable for fans. For example, many large music festivals are using wristbands that serve as tickets, money, and access to certain parts of the show. With this kind of openness towards adaptation, the entertainment industry should be one that drone businesses target to find early success and praise for their services. So brace yourself for the future and don’t panic this summer when you think your favorite music festival is being invaded by UFOs.

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