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1What are the complete features of the Advatar?
8 Powerful Motors, GPS Equipped, LED Projection Lamp, LED Lighting, Drop and Release Function.
2What is the highest altitude that can be attained by the Advatar drone?
500FT per U.S regulations. We usually fly about 60ft from the ground to be closer to the public, allow them to take pictures, and make the advertisement interactive.
3What is the maximum weight that can be carried by the Advatar drones?
10 pounds
4Can the Advatar drone move 360 degree complete?
5Is the Advatar drone ignitable or non-ignitable?
6Can you provide some near pictures of the Advatar drones?
image (4) image (5) image65 Flagship Custom Drone PNG
7What is the strength of the technical and business team of HOOVY?
Engineers – Majority have a Masters degree from USC. Backgrounds include Robotics. Research at UCLA HVAC system, ISI, Advanced Tactics (government drone contractor), etc.