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Pros and conns of Drone Tech
April 14, 2015
April 29, 2015
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Social media Facebook Twitter linkedinMedia professionals know that advertising platforms will continue to innovate right along with the products they are advertising. Social media was the latest ripple in the advertising pond.

Social media, which includes platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr came onto the scene and completely took over in 2008.

Social media flipped advertising on its head. Strategies are now more personalized and targeted than ever before. This change, and most changes are caused by advancement in technology.

The next ripple is about to roll in…


people looking at dronesDrone technology will hit advertising in its face. They will be a way to stand out from advertising via social media platforms. New advancements will force businesses to adapt and integrate it into its advertising efforts.

Drones provide the thing that advertisers and marketers consider to be the most valuable, brand awareness and engagement with the consumer. Drones can act as a counterpart to be used in conjunction with social media. Drones will drive traffic to a business’s social media and vice versa.

They do offer something that social media cannot, and that’s real-time interaction. Drones have the advantage of engaging with people in real-time and there is no option for selective exposure. It will not matter if you are not following the brand’s twitter when you see a drone flying the brand’s banner alongside a local beach.


beach droneWe can see that the future for drones is plentiful and exciting. Drones are slowly, but steadily, beginning to integrate into many facets of our lives. They are fascinating to us and we are captivated by this new technology. We see the potential for it to seemingly transition into our everyday life and we want to use this new technology to make advertisement interactive and fun!

Drones have one very important skill, grabbing people’s attention. Drones are being used for many things, but the advertising industry should especially see an advantage to drone technology. Every time we fly our client’s banner we gather large crowds who take pictures of the drone with the banner.  Where else do you see people take pictures of advertising banners? People go on to share these pictures with their friends and post them on social media. We are witnessing incredible conversion rates for our clients.  Advertising is all about something that attracts eyeballs and we utilize drone technology to do this in a fun and an interactive way.

We are forward-thinking here at Hoovy, we realize this is what our future will look like. We are taking part in the latest technological revolution. If you also believe in this vision, please subscribe to our website and help take part!

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